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Affiliated resources


The resources - whose position is known - affiliated to the resource specified by the title, are displayed as small icons in the map on the right. You can move the map by click and drag; you can zoom on a point doing double click. By passing the mouse over an icon, you get the name of a resource and by clicking on it you go to the detail page for that resource.

In the list below you will find the affiliated resources, sorted by name; from that list also you can reach the detail page of a resource, by clicking on its name.

By clicking on the title of this page, you'll get back to the page containing the profile of the resource .

Via Monte Polacco, 5 - 00184 Roma
Zona Via Cavour, presso Chiesa Rettoria SS Gioacchino e Anna ai Monti. Corsi di francese e inglese.
Viale Giulio Cesare, 78 - 00192 Roma
A Prati. Arabo, francese, inglese, spagnolo, italiano per stranieri.
Viale Giulio Cesare, 78 - 00192 Roma
Corsi on demand rivolti a manager, operatori culturali, fashion designer, amanti della musica, del cinema, della cucina
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